Louise Noakes Photography: photography that speaks volumes

Louise Noakes Photography is a professional photography studio servicing the West Wales area. We offer a wide range of photographic images, from in-studio portraits and product photography to on-location shots. Our professional and creative work reflects a long history behind the camera.


At Louise Noakes Photography, we use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to deliver crystal-clear images that jump right off the page. Our friendly studio environment provides an ideal setting for portraits.


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We provide a wide variety of services, which include portraits, headshots, family portraits, childrens portraits, babies, pregnancy portraits, pet portraits, passport photographs, product photography, legal and old photos  improved. We also offer on-site services such as architectural and comercial photography.


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Barley Saturday Photographs available 10x8 inches at a cost of 19.99 usually 39.99

Special discount

Barley Saturday Cardigan 2014

Barley Saturday Cardigan 2015 - Horses

Barley Saturday 2015 - Tractors

Barley Saturday 2015 - Cars


We take great pride in our ability to create world-class photography. To see for yourself, have a look at our complete portfolio. Here are a few samples: